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The Best Photo Of Me, Ever

Here is a shot of my performance at the Kutztown Planetarium. It was a fun event, my set went well until it didn’t. On my last song I had a show stopping computer issue, the first one I’ve ever had in 10 years of using a computer on stage. Ultimately it was my own fault, I typically test the heck out of a set before I play it and I changed the way that I launch songs without being able to test it multiple times. I’ll figure it out. Planetarium

Video of my EM-Asheville performance.

Check out the video here and while you are there take a look at some of the other videos, it was a weekend of really good music.

Overall a Great Weekend

Electro-Music Asheville is over and it was a wonderful experience. It was nice to run in to old friends, make new ones and hear lots of great music. I’m pleased with my performance (which isn’t always the case) but unfortunately my recorder failed so I have to wait for the video to become available before I can hear what I did. But lots of nice things were said and I seemed to have the crowd’s attention. Many thanks to Robert Dorschel for the equipment loan that allowed me to get to the gig on motorcycle, a nice and long trip, much needed after the long winter without riding. Now I begin prepping for the Electro-Music event in Kutztown PA. That is in a planetarium, and that should be fun. I have in mind what I want to perform but am not quite sure I’ll have it ready in time. If not then I’ll probably do what I did last weekend.
The weekend was a marred by a death in my family, I am grateful that I was able to change my plans a bit to be able to see my nieces.
The riding was wonderful, I had a couple of very long days but it was nice to get on the bike and take smaller roads

courtesy of Hong Waltzer

Coming Soon – ‘The Forest’

I’m very excited about my upcoming album, ‘The Forest’. No release date yet, but it will be done in 2015. The website will be useable soon as well.